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    Improved the Hawkeye poster for Avengers 2.

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    This is real.

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    ▲ came to smash | [ listen ]

    a fanmix dedicated not to the winter soldier in his entirety, but solely to that kickass arm, because i definitely couldn’t have been the only one drooling over it. also, this mix makes a pretty awesome exercise playlist if i do say so myself. two birds, one fanmix, hella robot porn.

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    Who am I kidding? I’m sad, no ideas coming.
    It’s driving me mad and I’m fighting it.
    It’s turning me bad, I’m loaded, pages taking me over.
    I just wanna be home with all my friends and family.

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    sorry tumblr

    Too high for this shit

    Not even high and this shit is bananas

    holy shit

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